Liza Soberano on not posting about Enrique Gil, being linked to James Reid


Liza Soberano clarified why she’s not posting about boyfriend Enrique Gil and if she ever had a thing with her now manager, James Reid.

It was a firm no about James who signed up Liza for his Careless company last year.

“Me and James we never had a thing,” she said during a “lie detector test” in Bea Alonzo’s latest YouTube vlog.

She nevertheless admitted that she got nervous by the questions.

“I get so nervous about questions like that because people already assumed the worst about me because I haven’t been posting anything about Quen, we haven’t been seen in a project together,” she explained.

According to Liza, the reason she’s not posting about her long-time boyfriend Enrique Gil is that she’s trying to build a solo career away from their loveteam.

“I’m staying away from the loveteam thing. It’s hard because everything that I’m trying to do now, as a solo artist, isn’t being taken seriously or like, it’s not being respected. It’s being seen as something negative,” she shared.

“They think I’m some type of wild child now just because I’m not in a loveteam. Or I’m not seen with the same man constantly. When that is actually normal to be honest.”

She further said being a loveteam is dangerous for mental health.

“Loveteam is a phenomenon only created in the Philippines, only existing in the Philippines, and to box a woman like that is so dangerous actually for their mental health and growth not just as a professional but also as an individual.”

The LizQueen tandem starred in several successful projects, including the sereis Forevermore, the films Alone/Together, Everyday I Love You, Just the Way You Are and My Ex and Whys.

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