Liza Soberano reveals Hello, Love, Goodbye offered first to LizQuen; Kathryn Bernardo fans react


Liza Soberano has revealed that Hello, Love, Goodbye, starring Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards, was first offered to her and Enrique Gil. The Cathy Garcia Molina-directed romance-drama went on to become the highest-grossing Filipino movie of all time.

“I wanted to do that movie so bad but then they said, they were like there’s another project that’s lined up for the both of you,” she cited what the ABS-CBN management told her, in the latest YouTube video of Bea Alonzo, where she talked about being in a love team for the longest time with Enrique. They became known to fans as LizQuen.

“While doing (the series) Bagani, nabalitaan ko na they offered (the film) to Kathryn and Quen and na-scared (ako). I asked (them) why (did) they do that. I asked them to save the project for me and Quen nung pinitch sa amin.

“Parang can we do this pitch pero they didn’t kasi kailangan pang i-develop pa more. And then we say, ‘Okay, please save it for us’ and then nalaman ko na lang na they will still be offering it to Quen and Kathryn.

“And I was scared that like after Bagani and when I do Darna wala na ‘yung LizQuen and for me, I don’t want to do that to the fans and also Quen was my comfort zone.”

Later on though she realized her fears were unfounded and that being in a loveteam had actually limited her projects.  

She said, “So later I realized, ‘Oh my God! Ang dami kong hindi nagawa sa career ko and that’s why everybody, I think, takes for granted my talent or acting capabilities because they only see me in a loveteam.”

Meanwhile, fans of Kathryn were quick to react on the revelation. As of Monday morning, Hello, Love, Goodbye became one of the trending topics on Twitter.

“No one can pull off Joy as accurate and as passionate as Kathryn,” one fan wrote, referring to the actress’ character.

“The success of Hello, Love, Goodbye will not be the same if it wasn’t her in it. So cut the crap the swallow your frustrations.”

“Hello Love Goodbye was one of my favorite movies. The main reason is because of Kathryn Bernardo’s performance,” another wrote.

“She didn’t just played Joy, she is Joy. No one can play that character as good as KB did. She may not be the first choice for that role but she was destined to play (it).”

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