Maxene Magalona’s best self-healing advice


When it comes to finding inner peace, we can always count on Maxene Magalona to guide us through life in all its forms.  

The actress is an active contributor of good vibes and good advice as an advocate of slow healing on social media.  

If you’re interested to know more, we’ve pulled together just a few of Maxene’s best tips and tricks for unlocking our calm sides.  

On Kindness 

For Maxene, kindness to the unkind is the real test of character.  

“Be kind to the unkind and God will be very pleased with your actions. We are put here on earth to love one another just as God loves us. We are not here to judge. It doesn’t matter if they hurt or wronged you,” she wrote on a social media post.  

On Detractors 

Here’s a truth bomb when you need it! Despite unsupportive people, remember to protect your energy. 

“If you are surrounded by these kinds of individuals in your life as you continue on the path of healing, I encourage you to pray for them and to just keep going. Never stop for anyone or anything in this world,” Maxene shared.  

On Discipline 

Our muscles aren’t the only ones that need strength training. The 36-year-old’s way of training her mind to be strong is through testing the limits of her body.  

“Staying disciplined and training my mind to be strong by going for a run every morning,” she said. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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