Top 6 ‘lucky moments’ from Choi Minho’s first solo fan meet in Manila


“Long time no see!”

Choi Minho of K-pop boy group SHINee enthusiastically greeted his Filipino fans during his first-ever solo fan meeting event in Manila held at the Mall of Asia Arena last Saturday, January 28. 

The South Korean star last visited the Philippines with fellow members Onew, Taemin, Key, and the late Jonghyun, almost five years ago for the 2017 Global Peace Concert One K in Manila.

5 fun facts about SHINee’s Choi Minho

Minho was happy to be reunited with Filo Shawols through “2023 Best Choi’s Minho: Lucky Choi’s” fan meet in Manila presented by Ovation Productions. 

Here are the best highlights that Filo Shawols and Flamers were lucky to witness during the “Flaming Charisma’s” Manila fanmeet.

1. Minho in a Barong 

Minho charmed Shawols and Flamers when he donned a Barong Tagalog, the national costume for Filipino men, during the ”Lucky Box” segment.

The Kpop star then adorably obliged to his game mission of dancing the waltz-style Pinoy folk dance “Pandanggo” in a barong. 

2. Can’t get enough of Minho’s “Dati-Dati”

Shawols were left swooning when Minho learned Sarah Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo’s trending “Dati-Dati” dance challenge on the spot. 

Thanks to the fan who gamely taught Minho the dance which had Flamers requesting him do it for a second time.

3. Lucky, lucky Flames

Some lucky fans were picked to join Minho onstage to to fulfill missions for the fanmeet’s mini-games. Not only did they see him upclose, but also got to hug and shake hands with the SHINee member. 

4. SHINee medley and singles

Minho treated fans to a performance medley of SHINee’s songs including “Atlantis”, “Don’t Call Me”, “Kiss Kiss”, “Cøde”. 

Filo Shawols were also blessed to witness Minho’s sexy performance of his R&B track “Chase” off the album of the same name, during the first stop of his first Asia solo fanmeet.

He also performed his 2021 singles “Heartbreak” and “I’m Home”, and “Runaway”.

6. SHINee World VI in Manila?

Minho’s fanmeet had the loudest of cheers when Shawols raised a banner that read “We want Shinee World VI in Philippines”.

“Okay, I got it,” Minho responded, vowing to come back to the country with his fellow members.

6. Best Actor Minho

Being a good sport that he is, Minho gamely reenacted lines of Jang Uk and Captain Yoo Shi Jin from popular K-dramas “Alchemy of Souls” and “Descendants of the Sun”, respectively.

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