Janella Salvador finally gets fan’s explanation over tinapa gift  


Janella Salvador’s fans are definitely something else! 

Instead of the usual gifts celebrities receive like stuffed toys and other knick knacks, the actress received a whole tinapa from a hilarious fan.  

On a Twitter post, the Darna star shared a snap of the smoked fish while she asked her followers for an explanation on the delicious gift.  

“Hi vadengs thank you for the gifts ha but I think I need an explanation for this one,” she wrote.  

The funny gift-giver came forward as they advised her to keep it refrigerated. “Paki prito na lang bukas [Janella] ha, breakfast nyo pero lagay muna sa ref pls or gusto mo kainin mo na,” they wrote back.  

To which Janella replied that she was caught off guard with the fish as it was wrapped in crepe paper and tied with a ribbon.  

“Just to clarify: I LOVE tinapa!!! Hindi ko lang inexpect na isda bubungan sa akin when I unwrapped the crepe paper with a ribbon. Excited to fry this litol fishy. Tankoo,” she said.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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