Ivana Alawi flaunts new tattoo in topless photo 


Ivana Alawi posed topless on social media to flaunt her “self-love” tattoo.

The actress and vlogger took to social media on Wednesday share a photo of her flaunting her inked skin with the French phrase “Je’maime”.

The tattoo, placed under her left breast, translates to “I love myself” in English.


“Dear 2023, I love myself,” Ivana wrote in a Facebook post.

Ivana first shared a glimpse of the tattoo in a Youtube vlog released in December last year. 

Aside from the script tattoo, Ivana has a butterfly tattoo on her back which symbolizes “rebirth”. The actress shared she got the tattoo after experiencing heartbreak from her past relationship. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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