Pinay teen bashed for calling Charles & Keith ‘luxury’ brand invited to meet fashion company’s founders


A Singapore-based Pinay teen who was shamed online for calling the Charles & Keith bag given by her father a “luxury” item, was invited to have lunch with no less than the founders of the fashion company.

Zoe, who goes by the username @zohtaco on TikTok, recently went viral after she shared a video of her happily flexing her “first luxury bag” — a Charles and Keith tote bag that was a gift from her dad. 

“Thank you dad,” the 17-year-old simply captioned her video which has garnered more than 6 million views as of writing.


thank you dad ?

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The video, however, received unnecessary comments from some netizens who mocked the teen for considering the item as a “luxury” one. 



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“Who’s gonna tell her? (laughing with tears emoji)”, read a now-deleted comment by a basher.

To which Zoe responded with a video of herself getting emotional as she shared how much the bag means to her as she’s not from a well-off family. 

“Your comment spoke volumes on how ignorant you seem because of your wealth.To you, an 80$ bag may not be a luxury but for me and my family it is a lot,” said Zoe. 

“I’m so grateful that my dad was able to get me one. He worked so hard for that money. I can’t believe I got hate over a bag that I was so excited to have,” she added in tears.


Replying to @cressy i am so happy and grateful for you, that you can consider charles and keith not a luxury. also btw if you google it, lots of sources do classify them as a luxury brand. so.

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Amid the negative comments, Zoe also got overwhelming messages of love and support from the online platform, even Charles & Keith was spotted leaving a note under her post.

In fact, Marketing-Interactive also reported that the Singaporean fashion brand has reached out to Zoe and invited the teen and her dad to a lunch with its founders and a tour at the company’s headquarters.

“Our heart really went out to Zoe when we saw the videos and comments – there is no place for bullying, be it online or offline – but we were so impressed with the grace and humility in how she handled the situation, displaying wisdom far beyond her years and values that resonated with us greatly,” a spokesperson from Charles & Keith was quoted as saying in the publication.

“Her parents deserve much credit and must be proud to have raised such a grounded, resilient young woman,” it added. 

In a video thanking netizens for their kind words and support, Zoe  left a reminder to naysayers online:

“Everyone’s life experiences and financial circumstances will be different from yours. Remember that what is cheap for you may be everything to another.


thank you everybody <3 also a reminder that everyone’s life experiences and financial circumstance will be different from yours :) remember that what is cheap for you may be everything to another ???

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Based on one of her TikTok videos, Zoe said she was born in Manila but “I’ve lived in Singapore all my life”. She’s the eldest of four siblings.

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