Jodi Sta. Maria gives stray kitten from NAIA a home


Jodi Sta. Maria warmed the hearts of netizens when she rescued a stray kitten she found at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

“Poor kitty now has a new home,” Jodi wrote in a tweet on Thursday, alongside a photo of her cradling the furbaby. 

Jodi felt pity for the cat which she said kept meowing and wandering around the airport and bumping into passengers’ carts. 

“She kept meowing as if asking for humans to feed and help her. It was raining too so she must have been sa cold. Kawawa coz nababangga siya ng cart ng passengers.

The award-winning actress added how a passenger scolded her for stopping his cart to save the kitten.

“Kasi pinigilan ko yung cart nya kasi nga madadaanan yung kuting. But I super understand naman kasi everyone was rushing to get home from their flights. Sabi ko lang ‘Manong pasensya na po may pusa po kasi. Then he told me ‘wag nyo kasing iwan kung saan-saan alaga nyo’. Then he stormed off,” narrated Jodi. 

“In my head, ‘hindi ko siya alaga…magiging alaga palang’,”’said Jodi as she decided to bring home the kitten she named Naia.

“Kasi sa NAIA Terminal 1 ko siya nakuha,” explained Jodi.

“Now, she’s safe with us,” she said. 

As of Friday, Jodi took Naia to the vet, learning that she’s actually a “he”.

“He was dewormed, cleaned, had his nails trimmed, and was given vitamins and meds,” shared Jodi.

She added, “Pa-bibo siya sa vet clinic, nagpakitang gilas at ginawa akong patungan.”

Jodi recently went on a to trip to Japan with her son Thirdy and family. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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