‘Ang gwapo niya’: Michelle Madrigal recalls first impression of foreigner boyfriend


Michelle Madrigal has finally opened up about her relationship with new American boyfriend Kyle.

The former actress revealed in her “He said, She said” Youtube vlog that she met Kyle through the dating app Hinge. 

“We met through Hinge, so it’s a dating app. Obviously, hindi ako masyadong lumalabas being a single mom. And nag-swipe siya at ako rin, and then we started chatting,” shared Michelle.

According to Michelle, it was Kyle who made the first move but what attracted her to him was his profile that featured his kids — both of them being single parents. 

“Nandun yung pictures ng kids niya. I also had my daughter sa profile ko. You could really tell kung ano yung character ng lalaki the way they are sa kids nila,” said Michelle. 

“I think that’s why we’re kind of interested in each other because it’s like ‘Oh you understand.’”

When asked about her first impression of Kyle, Michelle said laughing, “Ang gwapo niya.”

“I was like in my head, ‘Oh my gosh I’m in trouble, you’re gonna end liking this person a lot,” Michelle recalled her reaction when she met Kyle for the first time in person. 

“We just connected really well on our first meeting,” shared Michelle. 

Kyle, who’s in the military, meanwhile, described Michelle as “very nice, genuine… beautiful, sweet, wholesome, and down to earth.”

The two have been dating for six months now.

Michelle recently shared photos of her and Kyle’s “short but sweet vacation” in the Philippines and Thailand, which, according to the latter, was his first Asian trip. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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