Record label denounces ‘pangit ugali’ allegations against Zack Tabudlo


Zack Tabudlo’s record label has debunked allegations that the singer showed “rude and obnoxious” behavior during an event.

The Asan Ka Na Ba hitmaker recently made a buzz online after a certain Gayle Oblea said in a now-deleted Facebook post about Zack having an attitude problem. Screenshots of the post have gone viral online.  

Oblea, who’s reportedly an indie director, alleged that Zack refused to perform 15 minutes earlier than his expected appearance on stage and slammed the door at an event head.

“Dahil nga awkward na, pinuntahan na siya ng head of events (who is a woman, I won’t mention her name anymore. Pero if you know her she is an absolute sweetheart when you talk to her). Pinakiusapan na umakyat siya cause they’re all waiting for him, he shouted na 10:15 p.m. pa siya sabay bagsak ng pintuan. Even his manager apologized on his behalf because he was rude and obnoxious” read Oblea’s post. 

Oblea went on to claim that the crowd even walked out Zack after the crowd called him out for his behavior. 

“Tapos nung tumtog na… hindi na nga napigilan ng iba sa crowd nung nag-spiel pa siya ng echos na: ‘Sino dito may problema (pertaining to pag-ibig)?’ Sabay sigaw ang crowd, ‘Ikaw! Dahil ang baho ng ugali mo!’ Ayun si kuya, nung patapos na nag-walk out sa stage. At ito matindi, ‘yung host (kilalang kilala) sobrang hindi rin kinaya attitude niya. Sarcastic na sinabi, ‘Grabe po guys! Graaabe ang TINDIII… ang tindi ng talent!’” wrote Oblea.

UMG Philippines has since released a statement defending Zack from the “false, damaging, and defamatory remarks” against its artist.

“To address the issues which have been raised, there were minor incidents, not involving Zack himself at all, that occurred during the event. These were immediately resolved with the organizers and all ended well,” read the record label’s statement.

“On December 11, 2022, this certain individual, who was not present at the said incidents nor affiliated to the client, posted claims on social media about our artist that were false and defamatory.”

“UMG PH will not tolerate this kind of behavior towards our artists and colleagues,” it added, saying that they will take legal action for the “damages this individual has inflicted”.

Zack, who’s behind the hit songs Binibini, Pano and Nangangamba recently graced the Head In The Clouds Manila event.

He was named as Spotify’s most streamed local artist this year. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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