What a sweet kuya! Kyle Echarri fulfills bucket list goal with sister Bella 


Kyle Echarri is one sweet kuya as he revealed he has finally ticked off a bucket list moment for him and his younger sister Bella, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

The singer-actor took to social media to share the fun moment he had with his sister in Barcelona, Spain.

“Espana has been on me and Bella’s bucket list for the longest time… even if it was short I’m happy I got to enjoy it with the princess,” he wrote. 

It was just in June of this year when Kyle penned an emotional social media post for his sister, whom he said, kept her condition secret for his sake. 

“My baby sister Bella has been my world since the day she was born. Just yesterday I was told by family that my little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor on May 2nd and she wanted to hide it from me because she said she didn’t want me to be stressed while working,” he said. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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