Apo Hiking Society’s Danny Javier sings about mortality in last song


The late Danny Javier of Apo Hiking Society had composed and roughly recorded a song about mortality, which is believed to be his “own send-off song.”

Danny’s brother Jimmy Javier shared a YouTube link that featured the latter’s last composition titled Lahat Tayo which he made a few years ago but only released a day after he passed away on Monday.

“Sharing a song composed by my dear Manong Danny, a man fully aware of his mortality, sung in a way that only he could, singing his own sendoff ahead of its time .. my Manong Danny Javier’s latest song with lyrics infused with humor,” said Jimmy on Facebook.

“Lahat tayo’y mamatay/ Gusto bang sumabay?/Saan mo gustong mahimlay?/‘Pag nawalan ka ng malay,” goes the lyrics of Danny’s song which he spontaneously composed during a Facebook live at his home back in 2017. 

“Manong was able to listen to this song after his long time friend, Lorrie Ilustre, affectionately made this last musical arrangement for him and nodded his approval on Lorrie’s ‘areglo’,” Jimmy further said.

According to musical director and arranger Lorrie Illustre, he arranged and recorded the tune Danny “roughly sang” on his Facebook page upon knowing that the singer was in bad shape and was rushed to the hospital weeks ago.

“Through family, I was able to get the recording with his original vocals to his hospital bed. The nurse played the music to Danny and he would nod to acknowledge that it was ok. That’s good enough for me,” shared Lorrie.

He continued, “I know Danny’s writing style and ideas so I just had to make this music arrangement for him to bring along to his journey home. I took his vocals from his FB post and recorded. His video I synced to audio. I just tweaked a note and rearranged the song structure but I kept everything the way he would have wanted it.

“DANNY JAVIER, a man fully aware of his mortality expressed himself in music with lyrics infused with humor. He sang in a way that only he could deliver, singing his own sendoff ahead of its time.  

Danny’s daughter Justine Javier Long confirmed his father’s passing from “complications due to his prolonged illnesses”, on Monday, October 31, 2022. 

Celebrities and colleagues have since offered their tributes to the late Apo Hiking Society member online.

Lyka Nicart
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