Cong TV gets James Reid as Baby Kidlat’s ninong 


Vlogger couple Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s Baby Kidlat just got baptized.

On Thursday, October 27, the social media personality couple had a double celebration as they welcomed their son to the Christian world, which coincided with Cong TV’s 31st birthday. 

As seen on photos and clips shared by Viyline Media Group online, Baby Kidlat’s baptism ceremony was attended by godparents Donnalyn Bartolome, Michelle Dy and Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera gracing the event. 

Prior to Kidlat’s baptism, Cong TV released a Youtube vlog where he dared to ask actor James Reid to be his son’s godfather, alongside his brother Junnie Boy, brother-in-law Boss Keng, and other Team Payaman members.

“Si Viviys merong nakuhang influencer na mga ninang ni Kidlat. Kaya hindi ako papayag na wala ako,” Cong said in the vlog. 

In between takes of their TV commercial for a soft drink brand, Cong TV popped the question to James. 

“Can you be the father of my baby? Ay ano ba ‘yung ano? Grandfather? Godfather? I’m sorry I’m nervous eh, maybe you want to be the father?,” Cong TV asked the Filipino Australian actor-singer. 

“Can you be the baby?” his brother Junnie Boy said in jest. 

“I can be the baby,” James said laughing.

Cong later confirmed if was James accepting his godparent proposal: “By the way, James. Is that a yes, the godfather thing? You don’t have to attend the ceremony. Maipamalita ko lang sa amin na ninong ka.” 

“Okay, why not?,” James said in response.

“Kung totoo, ikasa mo nga,” Cong told the actor before they did a signature handshake.

“Godfather ninong ha,” he added.

 “Ninong, yeah,” James assured. “Just, I don’t wanna be the father.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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