Lapillus announces ‘Lapis’ as fandom name


K-pop rookie girl group Lapillus just announced their official fandom name, and it’s not what you think it means.

The six-member group’s label, MLD Entertainment, made known on October 21 that Lapillus’ fans will be called Lapis, meaning, “jewel and jewel meet to shine more beautifully”.

The members then took to Twitter to go about their excitement on the given fandom name. 

“Hey Lapis~ Our fandom name!! Has become Lapis!! Wow amazing!! Our Lapis, let’s have a good time!!,” said Haeun as translated by Soompi.

“Everyone!! We’ve decided on Lapis for our fandom name!! What do you think?” tweeted Seowon while adding in jest that Lapis doesn’t translate to “pencil”, as it does in Filipino language.

She continued, “The meaning is really pretty so let’s shine brighter together in the future! Lapis I love youuu”. 

Former Kapamilya actress and Filipina-Argentinian Chanty, meanwhile, wrote in English: “Wuzuup Lapis! You are now officially Lapillus’s Lapis!”.

She also jokingly addressed Filipino fans who earlier playfully suggested Lapis as their fandom name: “Do you like it? Hmm ginusto niyo yan haha.” 

“A gem meets another gem and shine brighter together! Love it~!,” added Chanty.

Lapillus debuted last June 20 with their digital single Hit Ya!, and made their first comeback in September with the release of their mini album Girls Round Part 1. 

The group consisting Chanty, Seowon, Yue, Shana, Bessie, and Haeun visited the country early in September for their local promotional activities.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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