Pandesal, a Filipino’s first love and forever staple


Can you still remember the very first time you’ve tasted pandesal? For us Filipinos, this could be traced way back to our childhood when our parents would serve it for breakfast or as our baon for school. Who can forget pandesal with hotdog, pandesal with your hot choco drink, or pandesal with your favorite palaman? For many Pinoy bread lovers, pandesal will remain as a first love – as classic and well-loved as any bread could be.

Pandesal is undeniably a staple in our morning routine – we all get excited to spend our mornings because of its wafting aroma. Pandesal brings comfort and familiarity during the rush of the day. Even more so when you have your cup of hot coffee or chocolate to enjoy your warm and soft pandesal with – it’s always a great way to kickstart your day!


With your favorite bread brand, Gardenia, you can enjoy all this pandesal goodness not just in the morning but anytime of the day. For instance, the Gardenia Clustered Pandesal has that freshly baked aroma and softness of the pandesal you love. You will never have to worry about hardened pandesal for your breakfast, merienda or even for your midnight snack. This is pandesal, the Gardenia Way, masarap, hot or not!

It is the classic pandesal you’ve always known – plus, it stays soft throughout the day. If you want your pandesal to be nice and warm, you can easily toast it in the oven for 2-3 minutes for that irresistible crusty on the outside yet soft on the inside pandesal. It is already delicious on its own, but you can also try other exciting ways of enjoying your pandesal such as making pan-wich (pandesal sandwich) and breakfast sliders.

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The Gardenia Clustered Pandesal is in a sealed packaging to lock in the soft goodness, making it a perfect snack for those who are always on-the-go. Even if you are stuck in traffic, you can relax and munch on your pandesal for a stress-free ride. With or without spread, it’s always masarap!


Aside from Clustered Pandesal, you can also try other pandesal variants from Gardenia. If you want something that is full-to-the-bite, the Gardenia Premium Pandesal is for you. It is perfect for palaman like Gardenia’s very own Delicia Chocolate Spread. For something that is good for the gut, the Gardenia Whole Wheat Buns is a great match for those who are looking for a healthier pandesal option. Meanwhile, the Gardenia Soft Delight Pandesal comes in a dozen-pack, best for salu-salo.

All these Gardenia Pandesal variants are baked fresh everyday in the most modern bread manufacturing facility in the country. When it comes to nutritive value, the Gardenia Pandesal is also an excellent choice as it contains essential vitamins and minerals that may help the body in maintaining a healthy metabolism and immune system.

Grab your baked fresh Gardenia Pandesal, available in supermarkets and grocery stores near you. You can also order online via Gardenia’s flagship stores on Lazada, Shopee and Pandamart. Follow @gardeniaph [1] to stay updated