‘Kala ko horror’: Nikko Natividad reacts to Baron Geisler’s trending Doll House film


Baron Geisler gained another fan in Nikko Natividad after watching his trending Netflix drama film Doll house. 

Nikko recently took to Instagram to share his reaction after he finished watching Doll House, which is currently the Top 1 movie title on Netflix Philippines. 

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate shared a photo of himself in tears, with parts of his T-shirt visibly soaked.

Nikko said he initially thought of a Doll House as a horror film due to its title. 

“Kala ko horror yung dollhouse dahil sa tittle. Inang yan kamuntikan nakong malunod sa sarili kong luha,” wrote Nikko in the caption. 

“Napakahusay nyo po!” Nikko added, praising Baron’s acting skills.

“Salamat bro!!!,” Baron replied with laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, netizens in the comments section shared how they could relate to Nikko in assuming that the film was horror. 

Nikko later shared screenshots of his conversation with his wife, telling her how the tear-jerking film made him love their son more. 

First aired on Netflix last October 7, the Netflix Original film revolves around the story of a troubled rockstar (played by Baron), who makes up for lost time with his estranged daughter (Althea Ruedas).


Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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