‘I’LL SHAVE MY HAIR WITH YOU’: Siblings shave head in solidarity with stage 4 cancer-stricken sister


These siblings found a way to show support to their sister who was recently diagnosed with stage four Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma.

Last July, Jo Sebastian along with her other sister and a family friend decided to go on live as they share their 30-year-old cancer-stricken sister Mirabai’s journey while shaving their heads together.

“Actually nagstart ‘yun nung, nung nalaman namin nadiagnose siya with cancer. Sabi ko, “Okay if magpapashave, if kailangan magshave,” actually before pa siya magdiagnose sabi ko, “Okay if magshashave ka, if kailangan mo magshave makakalbo ka, I’ll shave with you,” Jo told The Philippine STAR.

After the first cycle of treatments, Mirabai’s hair started falling off. “So we decided to shave all together for, to help it be a little bit easier for her.”

“And then my younger sister wanted to join also and then my sister’s boyfriend was also ano, was also game, “Okay we gonna shave together and video it, and share to people,” Mirabai added.

According to Mirabai, the small yet sweet gesture of her loved ones made her realize that she is not alone in her battle against cancer.

“I was very touched because I was like, I won’t be alone. At the same time, that was also really convenient because less hair there is around the house, the less hair you have to clean on the floor. When I see myself in the mirror, I’m bald but then when I see my sisters, they are also bald so we’re like four bald heads in the family like in the house just walking around all the time,” Mirabai recalled.

During the social media live, Mirabai shared how she and her family found out that she has cancer. But netizens couldn’t help but notice how positive Mirabai and her siblings were on her journey to healing.

“That’s what sibs are for. God bless y’all and may she recover soon from her illness,” a netizen said.

“Grabe di ko alam pero naiiyak ako . Their love is unconditional. God bless your beautiful family,” another netizen said.

Jo admitted that at first, she had reservations about shaving her hair but her love for Mirabai was bigger than her doubts.

“‘Yung isa ko na kasi sister nagpakalbo na before so medyo alam na niya yung itsura niya nun. For me, I was a little bit scared kasi my work is very online, very, parang kailangan very presentable. But also scared na ‘di siya bagay. Pero after narealize ko mas bagay pala siya so di na siya naging scary for me,” she shared.

Mirabai stressed the importance of having a good support system as she continues her path towards healing.

“We’re all on this together like we’re, like talagang lahat medicine, hospital, hatid sundo etc. etc. I think having a strong support system is one of the most important things,” she noted.

“They basically ground you with love and it’s like, it’s overwhelming and it’s beautiful so I think you should, if you’re going through something like this, you should tell the people that you know because they’re just gonna be there for you and they’re gonna feel loved and it’s amazing,” she added.

Janelle Lorzano
Janelle Lorzano
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