Raffa Castro celebrates monthsary with ‘endgame’ Joaquin Domagoso


Raffa Castro has become more open about her relationship with boyfriend Joaquin Domagoso as they celebrate their monthsary. 

On Tuesday, Raffa took to Instagram to share a video dedicated to the actor through the “If you were a” TikTok trend. 

“Here’s to celebrating another month of our love. Who knew that my best friend of (five) years would be my end game. You know the rest. I love you with all my heart,” wrote Raffa as caption.

The video included snaps of their memorable date night together in November 2021. 

Raffa also shared a glimpse of how their romantic relationship blossomed from being friends since 2017. 

Posting never-before-seen maternity pics, Raffa said at the end of the video that their baby boy was the “best gift” she received from Joaquin.


Raffa and Joaquin welcomed their son, Baby Scott, in April this year. 

It was in June when former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno admitted that he’s now a “lolo” to Joaquin’s son.

Raffa’s father, newscaster Diego Castro, followed suit, expressing how he’s happy and proud to be a granddad.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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