Kat Alano shares cryptic tweets about having peace, getting justice after 17 years


TV host-actress Kat Alano shared cryptic posts about finally getting “justice” after 17 years.

In a tweet on Monday, September 19, Kat wrote on Twitter: “After 17 years… Finally a glimpse of justice.”

She continued, “People still thinking it’s all about money and attention. What if you were fed lies by the people who had power, and you ACTUALLY condemned the victim? 

“Think about what you did to her if that was the truth.”

Kat, in a subsequent tweet, also seemed to slam someone who “keep(s) using God’s name to proclaim innocence.”

“God saw you rape us,” added Kat alongside the hashtag #rhymeswithwrong. 

To recall, Kat previously spoke about a still famous celebrity whose identity she hid under the #rhymeswithwrong, who allegedly drugged and raped her years ago. 

Kat also claimed she never got to file a case against the celebrity in question as the latter’s uncle “made sure that all cases against him would be dismissed”. 

“Also they have been waiting to file a case against me to silence me & discredit me in the media, knowing I could never get justice by filing,” she said in a tweet in 2020.

In a recent tweet, Kat expressed how she was feeling at peace after getting “justice” nearly two decades after an unspecified incident. 

“I can finally feel peace today. God is good all the time. Justice, finally after 17 years.”

While Kat’s tweets did not drop any names, some netizens couldn’t help but connect her tweets to the news of two warrants of arrest issued on It’s Showtime host Vhong Navarro for alleged acts of lasciviousness and rape. 

Vhong is currently detained at the National Bureau of Investigation Center as he faces the alleged rape case filed against him by model Deniece Cornejo in 2014.

The actor-comedian also reiterated his innocence in the rape charges filed against him, maintaining he’s the real victim in the case.

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