Luis Manzano reveals heartwarming message from ailing fan


Luis Manzano couldn’t help but share this touching message a fan wrote to him about his recent YouTube video.

The host and content creator took to social media to share the good vibes when he received this message.

“Received this in my DM’s, glad my vlog puts a smile on your face, adding a bit of laughter to your day. You made my night. May god bless you with the gift of healing,” he wrote in the caption.

On his Instagram post, he shared a screenshot of the fan’s message, thanking him for making them laugh even after their chemotherapy session.

The fan wrote: “Hey Luis, you don’t know me but today I had my 7th chemo. Dude, your collab with small in Zumba had me laughing. I’ve been watching since last night and throughout the day today.”

Another fan left a comment on his post and expressed their gratitude for Luis’ fun YouTube videos.

“I’m also a cancer patient. And it really helps us pag napapatawa kami or napapasaya. Kasi nakakalimot kami nung hirap na pinagdadaanan namin. May God bless you, Luis,” the Instagram user said.

Under his post, television host Drew Arellano also left a common and aptly called Luis’ work a “return of investment.”

Luis’ recent upload on YouTube was a video with entrepreneur and vlogger Small Laude.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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