Iza Calzado announces first pregnancy on her 40th birthday


Iza Calzado announced that she is expecting her first child with non-showbiz husband Ben Wintle, calling her pregnancy the “most beautiful birthday gift.” The actress just turned 40 years old on Friday.

In a lengthy Instagram post that showed her baby bump, the actress who is vacationing abroad, said that her pregnancy was unexpected but that she was ready to “usher in this new chapter in my life.”

“They say life begins at 40.

“So I had all these big plans for my for 40th year on Earth as it also coincides with my 20th year in the industry. I already completed a few of the exciting projects lined up for me and there were a few dream projects in the pipeline. I was ready to usher in this new chapter in my life.

“Then you came along. Unexpectedly. You may not have been in my immediate plans but I instinctively knew that this was THE plan,” she wrote, addressing her future baby in the post.

She further said that she is casting away all her fears and worries, and will embrace this “new chapter in my life.”

“In my forty years I have come to discern when God is steering me to a different direction. A path I may not have thought of yet it always turns out to be the best for me. So now, I surrender to His will with no resistance,” Iza said.

“God’s plans are always far greater than mine and I humbly accept this new chapter of my life with a heart filled with gratitude, casting all my fears and worries aside and simply trusting in the divine timing and wisdom of life.

“Something deep inside me knows that you will propel me to greater heights to soar higher than ever before in ways I cannot even begin to imagine. You will give me THE WHY, THE PURPOSE, THE DIRECTION in life, and I embrace you in my life as we build, along with Ben — your dad, a FAMILY!

“As a character of mine said in a film, ‘In love there is no fear.’ So I will choose to live each day giving life to you vibrating from this frequency — LOVE.”

For Iza, she said she feels that life indeed begins at 40.

“Simply put, your life begins as your mother turns forty. To know that life is growing inside me is great miracle. You are my miracle. You are my guiding light.

“Thank You, Lord, for the most beautiful birthday gift. Our ABUNDANCE.”

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