Bianca King recalls struggles after misdiagnosed injury 


Bianca King spoke candidly when she looked back on her journey recovering from shoulder surgery.  

The actress took to social media to share how she has been gaining back her strength and flexibility after her surgery last year.  

“In July 2021, I had shoulder surgery called biceps tenodesis to fix a dislocating shoulder that was causing daily pain. I was misdiagnosed in the Philippines with a rotator cuff tear.  

“Luckily, I did another MRI in Sydney and the diagnosis was joint instability and a split in my biceps anchor with calcific tendonitis. Inflammation and pain caused by loose shoulder,” she said.  

Bianca shared that while her doctors in Sydney were able to fix her shoulder, she experienced muscle atrophy which was fixed by six months of physiotherapy. 

The 37-year-old also opened up on how she felt depressed while she was on her recovery journey. 

She recounted: “I felt so weak and skinny. I was depressed being isolated at home during the peak of the pandemic, not being able bathe myself properly or cook my own food, mostly laying in bed feeling down and crying to my friends on the phone.” 

After a year of recovering, Bianca is happy to share that she is almost back to normal and even grateful despite the “horrifying experience”.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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