Ellen Adarna, son Elias pull ‘mouse’ prank on Derek Ramsay


Ellen Adarna is back on playing tricks on husband Derek Ramsay, and this time, she has her son Elias as her sidekick!

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Ellen shared a video of her and her four-year-old son pulling off the mouse prank on Derek.

“Papa D’s worst nightmare. Bakit mo binilhan ng ganyan? Ang dami dami ng laru-an…”, Ellen captioned the video. 

In the video, Ellen filmed Elias as he playfully put the battery operated mouse toy on Derek’s head and face from behind the actor. 

Upon holding the “mouse”, Derek immediately shouted and shoved the toy away from him.

“Bakit mo binilhan ng ganyan?” Derek told his laughing wife in the video with a disgruntled face. 

Elias, meanwhile, picked up the toy while adorably apologizing to Derek. 

“Sorry…Sorry Papa D”, Elias told Derek.

Derek, who admittedly said he needed to get over his fear of rodents, straight off got his revenge on Ellen the next day. 


“Good morning Mrs Ramsay. ELIAS YOU ARE NEXT!!!???,” Derek captioned the video he took of Ellen caught in shock after he screamed at the top of his lungs. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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