Rica Peralejo suffers third miscarriage 


Rica Peralejo turned candid in her recent YouTube video when she revealed that she suffered her third miscarriage.  

The actress opened up to her fans in her 28-minute-long video where she spoke about what had happened with her recent miscarriage.  

“I was positive for pregnancy but the bad news there is, I was positive that means I no longer am,” she started.  

Rica revealed she found out she was pregnant with what could have been her third child with her husband Joseph Bonifacio back in June of this year.  

The 41-year-old recounted how she thought her missed period was one of her symptoms before going through menopause but when she took her second pregnancy test, she was met with a positive result.  

She added: “Ito siguro yung first time na hindi kami nag tatry pero meron nakalusot. In fact, prior to this accident, my husband and I were talking about the different options of not getting pregnant anymore.” 

Rica said she experienced all the symptoms of pregnancy but an embryo was not found in her amniotic sac, which meant a baby did not develop in her womb.  

The mom of two shared her two miscarriages before they had their youngest son Manu has led her and her husband to be wary of her pregnancy.  

“The both of us already know the drill na pag nabubuntis ako, hindi kami pwedeng agad agad I-embrance ang pregnancy as though it was going to happen because we know there’s a possibility of losing that,” she said.  

Even with this challenge, the content creator admitted she was “calmer and peaceful” about her third miscarriage.  

“God has prepared my heart better this time,” she shared.  

Rica gave birth to her second son back in June of 2019 through an unmedicated delivery in her own home.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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