Andi Eigenmann reminds beachgoers to dispose trash responsibly 


Andi Eigenmann took to social media to air frustration over beachgoers who had a “fun night inuman” but just dumped their trash on the beach.

The actress, through Instagram stories, shared photos of a sack with cans and of liquor bottles littered in the place, as she called out beachgoers for neglecting proper waste disposal. 

“The least you could do is be mindful enough to take (your) leftover alak and pulutan and kalat with you after you enjoy a fun night of inuman at the beach,” said Andi.

She added, “Or did you expect our sea patrol kids to be the one to pick up after your trash?”

Andi, who left city life and has been living in Siargao since 2018, has been vocal about her advocacy for the environment.

Last April, Andi shared a Youtube vlog which documented her and fiance surfer Philmar Alipayo snorkeling activity and beach clean-up drive in the island, in celebration of Earth Day. 

The couple also made efforts in helping their community in Siargao when it was hit by Typhoon Odette in December last year. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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