Coffee shop manager renovates place instead of closing business, proves that giving up is never an option


This 25-year-old woman from Baguio City is another proof that giving up is not an option in life and in business.

In November 2021, she managed a coffee shop and it wasn’t an easy journey for her.

Five months into operating it, they had no customers and their expenses were bigger than their income.

She then had an idea to revamp the place. From a simple coffee shop to an Instagramable coffee shop!

“The main reason why we decided to renovate was because we felt that our café wasn’t clicking well enough with people. We didn’t have a high influx of customers and we weren’t standing out as compared to the other cafes in the area. We wanted to be competitive, and we didn’t want to give up without a fight, so we decided to renovate instead of completely closing shop,” Kimberly Lou Aydoc told The Philippine STAR.

She became hands on and even took part in designing their coffee shop. But before attaining the success of their coffee shop, she and her business partners had to go through difficult times.

During the process of renovation, Kimberly was a little bit nervous about the outcome, investing money again in their business.

“Before the renovation, hindi ko alam kung mag wo-workout or makukuha ba ‘yung vision ko. There were alot of doubts kasi if hindi siya mag workout, dala ko ‘yung burden kasi ako ‘yung nag push ng renovation. It was my idea and they’ve given me their trust so I wanted everything to be perfect. And at the end of the renovation, I was really overwhelmed and masaya ako kasi lahat ng designs ko nakuha. My vision really came to life and I was really satisfied with the outcome,” she explained.

Kimberly admitted that when she managed the coffee shop, they faced financial problems. Kimberly was able to document the improvement of their coffee shop.

Netizens, social media influencers, and celebrities were amazed at the renovation.

The uploaded video on social media has already garnered more than 450,000 views on TikTok.

“Waypoint Cafe is doing really well compared to how it was 7 months ago. Ang daming bagong customers ‘yung pumapasok sa shop, some would even talk to me and tell me na nakita nila ako sa TikTok. It’s a really nice feeling, hindi ko akalain sa simpleng video na ‘yon super laking tulong na din pala. We really can’t deny the power of social media, Kimberly said.

Kimberly said that the whole journey gave her a life lesson: “Never give up. If something is not working, change your perspective, perhaps dun mo makikita ‘yung sagot.”

The newly renovated coffee shop is located in Pidawan Loadkan Road, Baguio City.

Janelle Lorzano
Janelle Lorzano
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