Agatha Uvero accuses former fiance Paul Desiderio of domestic abuse


Agatha Uvero has accused her former fiancé, PBA player Paul Desiderio, of physically and emotionally abusing her during their relationship. 

The model and former UAAP courtside reporter broke her silence on Wednesday, July 13, and took to social media to post a series of tweets detailing the violent acts that Desiderio allegedly committed against her. 

Uvero said that “in the whole of their relationship,” the PBA player had allegedly beat her up — strangling, punching, throwing, and kicking her among others, and that some of these physical assaults happened while she was two months pregnant with their child.

“I can say this [is] the truth with my whole heart. I swear to you all if I was lying may God punish me,” she wrote.

The model also revealed that due to the alleged abuse she had to endure from Desiderio, she developed post-traumatic disorder (PTSD), adding that even at the time she was writing her social media posts, she had been “so scared,” but had nonetheless chosen to speak up.

“I’m thinking of all the other girls in my place. We won’t let them be the victors while we hide as silent victims,” Uvero said.

“Our silence eats us up slowly and causes us to retract from our other loved ones. Please ladies, we can’t allow this to keep happening. Men should be accountable for their actions,” she continued.

The model also said that she was not keen on “airing dirty laundry on social media,” but added that she could no longer “keep quiet” because of the many people who “empower” and “enable” Desiderio “to be the abuser he is.”

“As a go-getter, a woman with a strong personality, I couldn’t admit to myself that I had a lapse of judgment in this man who I defended to many people who told me to avoid. I’m swallowing my pride for my own safety and for my own accountability to not cover up for someone just because of love or fear,” Uvero wrote. 

She then said that the PBA player had kept daring her to air her allegations against him and that he had told her that she would be at fault should his career go down if she chose to do so, when she talked to him “many times” before.

“I’m done with your gaslighting, Paul. You kept telling me to do this and at the end of the day no one will side with me,” Uvero wrote.

“I have proof, pictures, screenshots, if no one will side with me, I’ll accept it but I know the truth. I am not perfect and I’ve had my own mistakes in this relationships but no matter how mad I was, if I was almost twice your height and weight, I wouldn’t hurt you like this,” she continued.     

In a follow-up tweet, the model added that Desiderio’s family “has been nothing but kind” to her and that “they were the only reasons” why she had hesitated to tell her story. 

Another post in the same thread also included a screenshot of a private conversation between two people suggesting to each other that they both seek psychiatric help, although Uvero did not disclose specifically whether it was a conversation between her and Desiderio.

As of writing, the PBA player has yet to comment on his former fiancée’s allegations against him.

Uvero and Desiderio got engaged back in November 2019 and welcomed their first child back in April 2021. The two parted ways back in June this year.