Lucky Me! issues statement after European states’ safety warning on instant noodle products


Philippine instant noodle brand Lucky Me! has issued a statement on Thursday, July 7, after several European countries warned their citizens against consuming some of the brand’s products.

In a Facebook post, the instant noodle brand clarified that ethylene oxide “is not added” in their products, but also said that traces of the substance “may still show” as it is “commonly used” in the treatment for some of the raw ingredients used in its seasoning and sauces. 

Screengrabbed from Lucky Me!/Facebook

Lucky Me! also said that they were aware of the issued safety warnings and product recalls within the European Union (EU) and Taiwan, and added that it has affected several other brands and products as well.

Lucky Me! then continued to assure the public that the brand’s instant noodle products were safe for consumption.

“Rest assured that all Lucky Me! products are Philippine FDA registered and comply with local food safety standards and even the US FDA standards for Ethylene Oxide,” the statement read. 

The instant noodle brand’s statement comes after several European countries issued health safety warnings over some of their products for high levels of ethylene oxide, a chemical used to make pesticides.

The Republic of Malta warned its citizens against consuming five of the instant noodle brand’s products: Pancit Canton Original flavor; Pancit Canton Hot Chili flavor; Instant Noodle Soup Beef flavor; Pancit Canton Kalamansi flavor; and Pancit Canton Chilimansi flavor. 

Likewise, Ireland’s Food Safety Authority also issued a recall for a batch of Lucky Me! products for the same reason. 

The Irish agency noted that while “the consumption of the contaminated product does not pose an acute risk to health, there may be health issues if there is continued consumption of ethylene oxide over a long period of time.”

Additionally, Taiwanese customs have also blocked shipments of Lucky Me! cup noodles among other instant noodle brands due to “excessive levels of pesticide residues,” according to a report by Taiwanese news outlet Focus Taiwan

Meanwhile, Lucky Me has climbed to the sixth spot of the Philippine trend list on Twitter as of 4pm, as Filipino netizens reacted to the issue concerning the instant noodle brand, which has been known to be a household staple.

Lucky Me! is a Filipino instant noodle brand first launched in 1989 and is marketed and owned by Philippine-based food manufacturer Monde Nissin.