Vice Ganda speaks about preferred gender pronouns 


Once again, Vice Ganda took a moment during It’s Showtime to speak about the importance of asking an individual their preferred gender pronouns. 

The actor-comedian mentioned the topic of gender identity during the noontime variety show’s Showtime Sexy Babe segment on Tuesday.  

Vice, Ogie Alcasid, Vhong Navarro discussed the matter after asking the contestant for her thoughts on cat-calling and receiving a “Hi Miss” from a stranger.  

“Alam mo kung ano kinaka-offend ko? ‘Hi Sir,’” Vice joked, then clarified that he doesn’t mind identifying with masculine pronouns and nouns.  

He explained: “Actually, maraming nagtatalo sa kung paano nila ako I-address kung sir or ma’am, he or she. Ako kasi deads ako, di ako na-ano pero yung iba kailangan mong tanungin.” 

The 46-year-old stressed the importance of asking someone their preferred pronouns as he explained that it would be hard to base solely on appearance.  

“Pag may mga pronouns na yung iba dinedemand talaga na, ‘Ibigay mo sa amin ‘yung pronoun na ‘yun,’”he added.  

This wasn’t the first time Vice spoke about gender identity on the ABS-CBN show. In past episodes, he has made it a point to educate viewers on queer rights and representation, and other important matters.  

On Twitter, a fan dedicated a viral thread of Vice discussing the value of properly identifying an individual with their preferred identifiers.  

“Hindi po dapat nag-a-assume kung ano yung gender ng tao,” he said.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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