Ina Raymundo celebrates son Jakob Poturnak’s high school graduation 


Ina Raymundo is one proud mom after her son Jakob Poturnak had his face-to-face high school graduation.  

The actress couldn’t help but share her happiness on social media as she made a special post for their family’s newest graduate.  

“When you least expect it, it happens! Yes! A face to face graduation though Erika’s Zoom graduation last May 2020 wasn’t bad at all. It was special,” she wrote.  

In the video she shared, one clip of her and her husband Brian Poturnak showed how emotional they were during their unico hijo’s special day.  

“Way to go son, @JakobPoturnak! Just like you said, high school was easy but brace for university & some intense baseball! We’ll always be proud of you, mom and dad love you so much! Congratulations Jakob!” she ended her post.  

It was just in May of 2020 when Ina’s eldest child Erika had her virtual high school graduation.  

Erika and Jakob are two out of Ina and her husband’s five children.  


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Rossane Ramos
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