LOOK: Catriona Gray is back to work in Manila


After spending quality time with her family down in Australia, Catriona Gray is back to work in Manila!  

The Miss Universe 2018 shared a stunning “proof of life” snap, featuring the gorgeous sunset in the city for her recent social media post.  

In the photo, Catriona turned her back to the camera as she looked down on a stunning view of the blue and orange skies in Manila.  

“Proof of life. Back in Manila, hit the ground running with taping,” she said.  

Even after spending almost a month with her family down under, the sentimental 28-year-old admitted she’s already missing her loved ones.  

Under her post, her mom Mita Gray responded with the sweetest message.  

“Can’t wait to watch sunset with you from the balcony,” she said.  

It was in early April when the Fil-Aussie beauty flew to Australia after her father Ian Gray was hospitalized.  

“Prayer is so powerful – my family’s story is a testament to that. It was one of the scariest times, but we’re out of the woods now. My dad is the strongest person I know, my real life hero,” she wrote on a past post.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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