Angelina Cruz reveals mom Sunshine Cruz’s rules for her daughters 


In a fun TikTok video with her mom, Angelina Cruz revealed the rules her mom Sunshine Cruz has set for her and her two younger sisters.  

The 20-year-old asked her mom what her thoughts are for drinking, parties, curfew, boyfriends, friends, sleepovers, piercings and tattoos.  

As for Sunshine, her kids are allowed to attend parties so long as they follow their set curfew. Boyfriends are also allowed for Angelina while Sam and Chesca would have to wait until they are 18.  


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“Pwede na pero it doesn’t mean na because you’re 18 you should have a boyfriend na, still depends,” she said.  

For friends, the celebrity mom made it a point that she would want her kids to achieve “quality over quantity”. She also favors sleepovers at their home rather than elsewhere.  

Meanwhile, Sunshine would have to approve tattoos before they get one and piercings are a definite “no”. 

The 44-year-old recently made it clear that her priority as a single mom is spending quality time with her daughters.  

“After what I’ve been through in the past, it is very important for me as a single parent that they get reminded about knowing their worth. I know how special these girls are, they have good hearts, God fearing and responsible. They deserve nothing but the best,” she wrote. 

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