‘To one of the gentlest yet fiercest souls I know’: Dimples Romana gushes over friendship with Charlie Dizon 


Dimples Romana is one grateful actress as she found friendship with her Viral Scandal co-star Charlie Dizon.  

The celebrity mom took to social media to express her appreciation for her newfound friendship with the birthday girl on her special day.  

“To one of the gentlest yet fiercest souls I know, what a whirlwind of friendship we had and I thank God for it everyday,” she started.  

Dimples then shared how Charlie became the sweetest girl to her during their times on set.  

“To your random check ins on Ate, to your pure honesty on and off cam, to you making your specialty coffee runs for ate and delivered straight to my room, for being my instant roommate to my food and caffeine watcher, to our late night and lunch date chikas, to hugs that never seem to weaken, to being the sweetest – happiest of birthdays,” she wrote.  

On her Instagram post, Dimples made sure to include the snaps from her best moments with the now-26-year-old.  

“Praying that the heavens will storm your year with abundant blessings of work, love and peace. Love you sagad, Ikay,” she ended.  

Charlie responded, expressing her appreciation for her “Nanay.” 

Dimples and Charlie grew closer as friends when they starred in ABS-CBN’s Viral Scandal with Joshua Garcia and Jake Cuenca.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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