‘What the h*ck is wrong with people’: Sofia Andres says after viral snaps of her tattoos  


It seems Sofia Andres has something to say to those who criticized her underarms after snaps of her new tattoos went viral.  

Just days after Cebuano tattoo artist Jello Talaboc shared photos of his work on the actress, Sofia posted a photo displaying her underarms.  

Her caption read: “What the h*ck is wrong with people. Zoom it in all you want.” 

Under the comments section, the 23-year-old’s friends and fans took her side with supportive responses.  

“Pits brighter than the creeps’ future,” one wrote.  

Sofia recently had mini flowers inked on her arm by the famed artist. 

Pictures of her tattoos went viral as netizens couldn’t help but appreciate the dainty and colorful details of the body art. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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