Kathryn Bernardo shares favorite moments from ‘Sundate’ with Daniel Padilla


Our KathNiel hearts are just as full! 

Kathryn Bernardo’s most recent social media post featured the cute and goofy side of her and Daniel Padilla as they enjoyed their simple date over the weekend.  

The actress said that her Sunday was well-spent with all of her faves and shared these snaps as proof.  

“My favorite day with my favorite person at our favorite restaurant. Sundate well spent! My heart (and tummy) is full!” she wrote in the caption.  

Two snaps from her post, showed an adorable Daniel and Kathryn making goofy faces at the camera and a time lapse video of them enjoying their meal.  

Kathryn recently made headlines after she shared her love for American bestselling author Colleen Hoover’s work on social media.  


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Kathryn Bernardo receives love from author Colleen Hoover 

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