Shaina Magdayao on isolation after positive COVID-19 result


Shaina Magdayao has joined the growing list of celebrities who tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Kapamilya actress on Wednesday took to Instagram to share that she took the antigen test last January 9, which came back positive. 

“Symptoms started to show a day after my booster shot (January 7) so we thought my fever was just due to my shot,” related Shaina.

She decided to undergo RT-PCR test on the same day after “feeling worse, day by day”.

“Result of my RT PCR (taken last Jan 9) came out last night. As expected, positive,” Shaina said.

Shaina continued to describe the symptoms she’s having from her COVID-19 experience. 

“Fever is consistently 38-39 super sore throat… Badddd cough and phlegm… and just today, rashes are all over.” 

Despite her situation, Shaina said she is thankful for her family’s health and safety as well as those who have been checking in on her.

“Most of the people I know are positive/recovering….. Thank God my family is safe and healthy #Grateful for friends and family who have been checking on me every single positive day”.

“Praying for everyone’s safety,” she wrote.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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