Iya Villania shares reality of working from home in photos


Iya Villania reflected on how things had been for her while on a work-from-home setup for almost two years. 

In an Instagram post, Iya expressed her gratitude to the Kapuso network “for giving me the opportunity to be able to work safely from home over the past (almost) 2 yrs! It’s been such a blessing to be able to do so in the comfort (and chaos) of my own home ?.” 

Iya noted the things she will miss about being with her family at home and the moments that happen in between in the work from home setup.

“I have to admit, I will terribly miss my family ? the cries, screams, breastfeeding, cuddles, kisses during commercial breaks, and a husband poking my ? while I try to maintain composure on air – won’t be getting that in the studio ?

She, likewise shared what she’s looking forward to once she returns to reporting at the 24 Oras studio again. 

“But the hairstyling, dressing up from top to toe (with no missing slipper) and the clear line between work and family is something to welcome back in 2022 ? it was an awesome run and seriously, who would’ve thought this was even possible?!?”. 

To mark the end of her work from home stint, Iya shared photos of her with her kids, and clips of her in a mix of formal top and casual bottom when reporting for Chika Minute, as well as a video of her cradling her youngest Baby Alana while delivering her spiels.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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