GMA’s Voltes V: Legacy praised by anime’s franchise owner in Japan


GMA’s Voltes V: Legacy director Mark Reyes announced the good news that the mecha anime’s franchise owner in Japan has given his team their approval.  

The Kapuso director and writer took to social media to share the letter he received from Japanese production company, Toei Company. LTD.  

The letter read: “We are very excited to the news that VOLTES V: LEGACY is being produced in the Philippines. Production may be tough under this Covid situation, but this time we wanted to inform you that we were excited to see the latest promo-reel of the show. 

“We could feel your respect to the original series, and we also thank you for your effort, enthusiasm and hard work under this Covid situation. Please all take care of yourselves, and we shall continue to look  forward to the completion of the show.  

Reyes shared on his Instagram post that the company’s two thumbs-up for their production is one of the best Christmas gifts he has received.  

On social media, Reyes has been sharing the behind-the-scenes of their production to eager fans.  

The live-action television adaptation is slated to air in 2022.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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