Korina Sanchez shares adorable video of twins Pepe and Pilar saying their full names


Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas’ twins Pepe and Pilar sent good vibes to netizens with a video of them stating their full names.  

In a recent Instagram post, Korina shared what the setup is when she’s at home with her kids. 

“Their beds are in our room! So I sleep to sleeping baby music every night. And maghanda na ako: 5:30 am maingay na! 6 am Pilar jumps on the bed and says ‘Mama, wake up!’,” wrote Korina. 

Attached in the Instagram post was a video of Korina’s adorable morning routine with her two-year-old twins. 

At one part of the video, Korina asked Pepe and Pilar to state their full names, and the two  adorably complied. 

“They have long names, but they memorized their names,” said Korina.

Back in 2019, Korina revealed in a Magandang Buhay interview that the twins both have five first names.

Pepe’s full name is Pepe Ramon Gerardo Manuel Denzel Sanchez Roxas. 

“Pepe, Ramon, my dad, Gerardo, tatay ni Mar, Manuel, si Mar,” explained Korina. 

And Denzel kasi ilang beses ni Mar pinanood yung ‘Equalizer,’ nahumaling siya kay Denzel,” added Korina, referring to American actor Denzel Washington. 

Pilar’s full name, on the other hand, is Pilar Judith Celia Ester Korina Sanchez Roxas.

“Si Pilar naman, so Pilar ang una, then Judith, mommy ni Mar, Celia my mom, Ester, lola ni Mar at dinagdagan ko ng Korina, hindi niya alam,” Korina detailed.

Korina and Mar welcomed Pepe and Pilar via gestational surrogacy in 2019. 

Upon learning that they are having twins, Korina said they decided to name them Pepe and Pilar saying, “Yung Pepe at Pilar, ‘yan ang Jack and Jill ng Pilipinas”. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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