Vicki Belo prefers not being greeted on her birthday due to this painful memory


“It still really hurts,” Vicki Belo admitted as she revealed the reason why she doesn’t want to be greeted on her birthday. 

The celebrity doctor recently opened up about this painful memory on the day she was born in an interview on comedian-host Ogie Diaz’s YouTube channel. 

In the interview, Ogie asked why Vicki preferred to get away and not be remembered or greeted on her birthday. 

“Lagi akong umaalis, nagpapatay ng cellphone para hindi ko na makita (greetings). 

“Ever since I was young, ‘di ba, feeling ko especially because I’m adopted lang, ampon lang ako parang pinamigay kasi talaga ako. 

“Nung pinanganak ako, never akong hinawakan ng nanay ko,” Vicki said as she related being given to her mom’s sister when she was a newborn.

“So in my head, it was not a happy… parang ipinanganak ka pa lang, ipinamigay ka na,” said Vicki. 

“So when I think of that, since I have so many issues about adoption, about not being good enough, about not being lovable, I thought, I don’t like to be greeted,” she explained. 

Vicki furthered that she would be fine with all other days, except when her birthday comes, and that she would be “super sensitive” about it. 

“I mean in my head, my mom and dad gave me on my birthday, so wala, bumabalik lang talaga ang pain.

“I just ignore. So the best gift that you can give me is not to greet me.”

While she cannot avoid being greeted, Vicki said she would acknowledge the well-wishes but would shed tears after a while. 

“I accept it na, one day lang naman ‘yun, so kaya ko na ‘yun palagpasin. It still really hurts, the rest of the time naman I’m okay.”

Nevertheless, Vicki said, “it’s getting better naman,” adding that she has long forgiven her biological mom and dad over what happened. 

“Pinatawad ko na ‘yung aking biological mom and dad. But I was never able to tell her na it’s okay mom, masakit nga, pero sobra akong grateful sa’yo kasi you made sure you gave me the right people, my most wonderful parents Atty. Enrique Belo and Nena Belo.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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