‘Your body, your rules’: A quote best lived by some of our fave celebs


Looking for your next best fitness inspiration? We’ve got you! 

Whether you’re enjoying your fitness journey or exploring new ways of treating yourself with kindness, these celebrities are the best role models to look up to.  

Angel Locsin 

Back in September, Angel Locsin caught the internet’s eye when she shared her fitness progress just months into her new diet.  

After her post went viral, the actress took it upon herself to remind her fans to take their time in loving every inch of their bodies.  

“Your body, your rules. Just don’t forget to love every inch of you in the process, no matter what people may say. You are more than your weight or how you look,” she wrote.  

Andi Eigenmann 

Andi Eigenmann is no stranger to expressing her thoughts about her ever-changing body. The mom of three has grown to love her body while going through all sorts of changes when she gave birth to her three adorable children.  

“Posting it because I know that my postpartum body won’t stay – just as all my previous bodies: my young athlete body, my junkfood-filled lazy student body, my artista body, my pre-pregnancy body, pregnancy boy and so on.  

“It is in fact my ‘NOW’ body too. And it doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I still love it! I am grateful for it! And I still feel cute in it!” she wrote on an Instagram post.  

Bea Alonzo 

Bea Alonzo has nothing but gratitude for her body as she enjoys every step of her fitness journey. 

In a YouTube video back in May, the actress spoke about body positivity when she showcased her newly renovated home gym.  

“Para sa mga bashers, bago kaya mag bash, yes, I am working on my body. I think I’ve lost a little (weight) but I know that masyado pa malayo goal ko.  

“Body positive tayo. I love my body and I love that I can do all the things that I want because of this vessel,” she said.  

Lovi Poe 

‘FlatAndProud’ is how Lovi Poe would describe herself and her relationship with her body.  

In an Instagram post celebrating her beach body in her bright pink, one-piece swimsuit, the actress represented her fellow “flat-chested” ladies while flaunting her physique.  

“Suit yourself if you think otherwise: #FlatAndProud. A little louder for the people at the back. #LoviYourBody,” she wrote in the caption.  

Janella Salvador 

Newbie mom Janella Salvador is taking her fans along for her postpartum weight-loss journey. Back in September, she opened up on getting a liposuction procedure to help jumpstart her journey.  

“Of course, gaining weight is totally normal after giving birth… but there comes a time where you want to be healthy and regain your strength. My goal has alwas been to be strong enough to take care of the household so I did not want to resort to unhealthy crash diets,” she said.  

Coleen Garcia  

In a vlog opening up about her postpartum journey, Coleen Garcia shared her growth from pushing herself to work out even when she’s exhausted to exercising just enough to release stress and toxins.  

“I know I’m not ripped as I was but I’m really just happy and I accept my body more than I ever have,” she said.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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