Katarina Rodriguez introduces her firstborn Robert Joaquin


Katarina Rodriguez is officially a mom to her and her non-showbiz boyfriend Ninõ Barbers’ first child. 

The former Miss World revealed on social media that she has given birth to their son way back in August. 

“Robert Joaquin Rodriguez Barbers stole my heart like no one has before,” she wrote in the caption along with the time and date of her baby’s birth.  

On a series of Instagram posts, the 29-year-old recounted the moments from her water birth with stunning photos to match.  

“Surrendering to my own body reminded me of how Mother Nature calls on the ocean to have episodes like that of giving birth, raging sets of waves, then calm, steady rests in between. I’ll keep this thought forever, a woman is an ocean of her own,” she wrote.  

Another post, featured the adorable face of Katarina’s son as they both cuddled in bed.  

Back in September, while it was still unknown to the public that she has already given birth, she managed to share a snap of her “training” for her water birth.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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