Cristy Fermin slams Mikee Morada for calling out Lolit Solis


Cristy Fermin slammed Mikee Morada for calling out Lolit Solis over a social media post about his wife Alex Gonzaga’s alleged miscarriage.

The veteran showbiz commentator recently aired her honest thoughts on Mikee’s reaction to Lolit’s claim that Alex suffered pregnancy loss but supposedly kept it private for YouTube channel content purposes.

The said Instagram post drew criticisms from fans and prompted Mikee to comment on Lolit’s “hurtful” post and tell her not make up stories about matters she knew nothing about. 

Lolit later issued an apology, saying it was not her intention to hurt or offend anyone with her post and vowed not to write anything related to the Gonzaga family.

She also praised Mikee for his “respectful” remark.

Lolit Solis apologizes to Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada over miscarriage claim

In an episode of her digital show Cristy Fer Minute on Wednesday, Cristy stressed that she saw nothing wrong in what Lolit had said in her post. 

“Wala talaga akong makitang hindi maganda sa bawat linya,” she said.

She added, “Sa ginawa ni Manay Lolit kahit anino ng libelo wala, ‘di ba? Napakaganda ng kanyang sinabi. Nag-wish pa siya ng maganda para sa mag-asawa, ‘di ba?

Cristy then maintained that Mikee was being sarcastic with his remarks and dared him to get back at her. 

“Ano ba naman si Konsehal Mikee, ano na ba itong mga pinaggagawa mo? Mukha yatang gusto mo na ring mag-showbiz. Ako ang sagutin mo ngayon ng ganitong pailalim. Sagutin mo ako ng sarkastiko. Ako ang sabihan mo ngayon sa pagkukwestiyon ko sa’yo kung bakit patola ka na. Ano, nahawa ka na sa asawa mo? Na isang artista, gusto mo na rin mag-showbiz?

“Alam mo, napakamaldito nitong ano mo (comment). Kunwari lang gumamit ka ng ‘po’, ‘opo’ pero sarkastiko ito. Lalo na ‘yung sinabi mong, ‘Wag kayong gumagawa ng kwento sa ganitong klaseng sitwasyon lalo’t hindi niyo naman alam ang totoong pangyayari.’”  

The columnist also gave an unsolicited advice for Alex and her sister Toni not to be “onion-skinned” in the world of showbiz, considering that they are public figures.

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