Pinoy TikToker reveals convo with Rihanna


To be followed by Rihanna on Instagram and even receive a DM from her, this Filipino TikToker is such one lucky person!

In a recent YouTube vlog, Argie Roquero,18, gushed and made public his previous conversation with the Barbadian singer through direct messages in the photo-sharing app.

After learning that Rihanna followed him on Instagram, Argie immediately expressed his love for her. 

“Hi I love you,” wrote Argie alongside crying emojis in a message sent to Rihanna in December last year. 

“But how I love you more,” read Rihanna’s sweet reply. 

“Syempre ‘yung puso sobrang kilig, like oh my gosh,” Argie said in his vlog.

Rihanna went on to tell Argie how she “lives” for his vibe and energy in his TikTok videos.

“I don’t have a TikTok, so you gonna have to DM me all of em or post to IG, cause I liiiive,” Rihanna told Argie. 

Rihanna even tried to send Argie some Tagalog words when the TikToker admitted he’s not good at English. 

Argie also disclosed that the Diamonds singer sent her various products from her own fashion luxury brand Fenty. 

Argie’s popularity rose for his dancing skills in his TikTok videos mostly shot outdoors with chicken cages or chickens in the view.

Currently with over six million followers on TikTok, Argie also made appearances in TV shows like ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime, GMA’s Flex and TV5’s Lunch Out Loud.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart wanders on the internet, hearts Kpop (and ofc her bias), loves everything purple. When she's not writing, she's fighting with her dear cat.