Ganiel Krishnan relinquishes title as Miss World Phl 2021 2nd Princess


TV reporter Ganiel Krishnan has resigned as Miss World Philippines 2021 Second Princess less than two days after the pageant. She also said that it was her last “foray into the world of pageantry.”

In a statement posted on her official social media accounts on Tuesday, Oct. 5, she said she’s resuming her work as a lifestyle and entertainment reporter for ABS-CBN, citing contractual obligations with the network “will not allow me to serve two masters.”

Here is her full statement:

“I regret to inform you of my decision to relinquish my Miss World Philippines Second Princess 2021 title and consequently resign from the Miss World Organization effective immediately.

“As you very well know, I have a thriving career as a lifestyle and entertainment news reporter in ABS-CBN before I entered the competition and have never kept my intentions to go back to it a secret, regardless of the outcome of the pageant.

“While I am deeply honored to have been named a Princess in this year’s MWP search, my contractual obligations with the network will not allow me to serve two masters.

“Realizing this led me into making a decision to pursue the dream which will have the greater impact to actually serving my fellow Filipinos and that is through broadcasting.

“I wish to thank you, Mr. Arnold L. Vegafria, as well as the entire MWP Organization, for taking good care of us and providing all of pageant participants wonderful experiences that we will surely cherish for a lifetime.

“I also wish my queen sisters the best of luck in their respective endeavors in the future. I truly am grateful to have joined Miss World Philippines 2021, which also marks my last foray into the world of pageantry.

“It was one big learning experience for me which, I know, will help me score even greater triumphs in the future. Maraming salamat po.”

Meanwhile, the Miss World Philippines said in a statement that it respects the decision of the Cavite beauty queen and has named Janelle Lewis as her replacement.

“The Miss World Philippines organization respects Ganiel Krishnan’s decision to relinquish her title as MWP 2021 2nd Princess to resume and prioritize her career as a journalist. Taking her place is Janelle Lewis, who gladly accepted the duties and responsibilities that come with her crown.”

Cebu’s Tracy Maureen Perez was crowned Miss World Philippines 2021 during the coronation night on October 4 in Subic.

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