Sol Mercado slams comment comparing GF Sandra Lemonon to ex Denise Laurel


Cager Sol Mercado lashed out at a netizen who made comments against his girlfriend Sandra Lemonon. 

Sol just recently made his relationship with Sandra public, in a belated birthday post for the former beauty queen, posting photos of them together on Instagram.

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player endearingly called Sandra as his “ride or die”. 

Sandra, meanwhile, described Sol as her “biggest blessing I have ever received”.  

The comments section was filled with well-wishes for the couple, but one netizen caught the attention of Sol for comparing Sandra to his ex-fiancee Denise Laurel. 

“This chick is nowhere close to @d_laurel IMO (in my opinion),” wrote the netizen.

Sol, who was previously engaged to Denise, hit back and said: “You’re a clown! u don’t know either.”

The netizen replied back and exchanged words with Sol, with the latter telling the commenter to “do something with your life”.

The netizen even made a bet that Sol’s relationship with Sandara will only last a few months and that “he will end up looking for a different chick”. 

Sol then advised them to check back in with him in two months. “I’ll set my alarm clock,” he added in jest. 

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Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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