Rufa Mae Quinto bonds with Arci Muñoz in California


Rufa Mae Quinto happily reunited with Arci Muñoz overseas. 

Rufa, who’s currently based in California with Filipino-American husband Trevor Magallanes, has been sharing photos and clips of her meeting and trips with Arci around the state. 

“I miss you guysh. So yup isa talaga sa dahilan ng pag Las Vegas namin ay si @ramonathornes! I miss you super! Love you,” wrote Rufa in an Instagram post. 

Arci was also welcomed into Rufa’s “home sweet home” and appeared to have spent time with the latter’s daughter Alexandria.

Arci, on the other hand, has also been sharing beautiful snaps of her touring some famous landmarks in the United States.

Rufa and Arci are former co-stars in the 2019 romantic comedy series Jhon En Martian.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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