WATCH: Maris Racal introduces ‘baby’ in new vlog


Maris Racal was thrilled to announce that she’s now a mom to a furbaby.

The actress-singer shared the “special announcement” in a vlog released on her YouTube channel account on Friday, September 3. 

“Guys biglaan lang to lahat…magiging mommy na ako,” Maris said in the video, while on her way to meet her “baby”– a corgi.

“I’m capable of taking care of another living creature, so I’m so ready for this responsibility,” added Maris. 

The 12-minute video showed moments of Maris taking care and shopping for essentials for her pet dog named Shoto. 

“So ‘yung pangalan niya Shoto..first name niya Vico. So tawag sa’yo Vico Shoto,” Maris jokingly introduced her furbaby. 

Kidding aside, Maris clarified that the name Shoto is based on her favorite character from the anime series My Hero Academia.

Part of the vlog also showed a clip of Shoto’s first meeting with his “dad” Rico Blanco, Maris’ singer-producer boyfriend. 

 “So ayun na nga guys meron na nga akong anak. And it has been very very great,” Maris said in the latter part of the vlog, sharing her takeaways from owning a pet for the first time. 

“Sobrang natuto talaga ko when it comes to responsibility. Kahit 1 month pa lang siya sa akin sobrang dami kong natutunan,” she said. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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