Netizens react to Tokyo 2020’s ‘conyo’ tweet on Carlo Paalam’s silver medal finish


Netizens found Tokyo 2020 Twitter’s account cute and “kulit” after congratulating Olympic silver medalist Carlo Paalam with a conyo tweet. 

#Tokyo2020, the official Twitter account of The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympics and Paralympics Games, lauded Cagayan De Oro native Carlo Paalam following his silver medal finish in the Tokyo Olympics men’s boxing flyweight finals on Saturday. 

“From roaming the streets and scavenging in landfills in Cagayan de Oro to becoming an Olympic #silver medallist Raising hands,” wrote Tokyo 2020

“Well done Carlo PaalamFlag of Philippines,” it added. 

But it was the Tagalog phrase included in the tweet that caught the attention of Pinoy netizens: “Sino ang naghihiwa ng onions dito? Loudly crying face”.

Some netizens, in the reply section, seemed to “correct” how onion is said in Filipino.

Tokyo 2020, however, maintained that they are well aware of the word, saying: “Yes we are aware (onion) is sibuyas, but siempre, Taglish is pretty common over in the Philippines diba? Smirking face”.

Netizens are now somehow convinced that a Filipino admin is behind the conyo tweet which earned laughter online.

Tokyo 2020’s tweet has since found a match in netizens’ inner conyos. 

Conyo is a Pinoy slang term that refers to the way a Filipino combines the Tagalog and English languages, a.k.a. Taglish, in conversations.

This isn’t the first time that Tokyo 2020 inserted Tagalog words in tweets. Do you think there’s a really a Pinoy behind the Tokyo 2020 social media account, or they made research lang?

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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