Janella Salvador, Markus Paterson’s baby Jude meets his ninong Iñigo Pascual


Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson’s baby boy finally met one of his ninongs! 

Proud ninong to baby Jude, Iñigo Pascual couldn’t help but share the cute moments he had with his godson.  

On Instagram, the singer-dancer jokingly mentioned that his godson “marked his territory” on him.  

“Marked his territory as his Ninong, peed on me while I was carrying him.” he shared.  

This isn’t the first time the nine-month-old tried to “mark his territory”.  

Back in March, Markus shared a funny Instagram post about how the warm feeling on his stomach was definitely not butterflies. 

“I thought the warm feeling on my stomach was the butterflies from holding my beautiful boy. Turns out he just peed,” he wrote.  

Janella and Markus welcomed their baby boy Jude back in October of last year. They chronicled their journey towards becoming parents on Youtube video where they announced that they are already parents.  

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